Temporary diversion on the road from Los Belones to Atamaría due to roadwork improvements

Access to La Manga Club, via the road RM-314, will be temporarily diverted for two to three weeks from the 21st of March 2017. The road division from Los Belones to Atamaría is due to improvements taking place and will affect both sides of the road.

La Manga Club, 20th March 2017.- The road RM-314, known as Los Belones-Atamaría, will remain closed for vehicles for some weeks. Access to La Manga Club will be guaranteed via an alternative route, enabled due to the roadworks in question. In the direction of La Manga Club from Los Belones, the temporary diversion will be located on the left of the carriageway towards Canela restaurant. On the other side of the road, coming from La Manga Club towards  Los Belones, the alternative route will be on the right-hand side, past El Coto reserve.

Please note that moderated speed is required, cars should circulate at around 20km/h due to the high number of vehicles that will be using this route throughout the day. The temporary road section is narrow, hence the need of precaution whilst driving.

The roadworks in question, will mean a great improvement from a road safety perspective of the drivers as well as for the many cyclists and pedestrians that make daily use of this road. The RM-314 is currently a very narrow road, with a width between 6 to 7 metres from kilometre 0 to kilometre 2.6 of the road and a 4-metre width from this point up until to the end of the road, at 4.1 kilometres. Consequently, this road does not have the capacity required to accommodate increasing amount of residential traffic that has grown in the past few years, nor the necessary access to cater the new urban developments that have been implemented on either side of this road.

This project bides for road safety and will involve construction of roundabouts, a cyclist lane and a pedestrian route.