The 55th International Festival of Cante de las Minas gets underway in La Unión

Flamenco singer, Estrella Morente, will take on the responsibility of giving the opening speech for this year´s festival on 6th August, from 11pm at the former indoor market hall. Last year´s winners will also take to the stage.

La Manga Club, 6th August 2015. In addition to delivering the inaugural speech, Estrella Morente will also perform the following day as a guest artist, on 7th August, in a flamenco gala with Israel Galván. She will not be the only artist taking to the stage at the 55th festival. Many of the great artists on the flamenco scene, such as Sara Baras, Carlos Piñana, El Pele, Capullo de Jerez and Arcángel, will take part in the 55th consecutive celebration of this festival. 

Comienza la 55 edición del Festival Internacional Cante de las Minas de La Unión

In addition to these performances, the competition will be the main event of the festival. According to categories, 17 flamenco singers will compete against each other (8 of whom will aspire to win the Lámpara Minera prize), eight dancers will battle for the Desplante, five guitarists will contend for the Bordón Minero and four instrumentalists will fight for the Filón. This year´s competitors will be traveling from Andalusia, Madrid, Extremadura and four of the participants will come all the way from Japan to take part in the festival.

The Festival of the Cante de las Minas in La Unión will be spread over three locations: the former indoor market hall (known by those involved in the flamenco scene as the Catedral del Cante); la Casa del Piñon, where the cultural itinerary of the Festival will unfold (talks, presentations, film showings, tributes, exhibitions…); and la Mina Agrupa Vicenta which will host a flamenco show this year, featuring flamenco dancer, Barullo.

In the meantime, a cultural programme will take place in parallel with the Festival´s musical programme. This year the cultural itinerary will include a photography exhibition starring guitarist Paco de Lucía, a presentation of the book Universo Morente, with the help of the Morente family, which is about the life and work of the signer, Estrella Morente, and in Murcia there will be a screening of the documentary 13. Miguel Poveda, directed by Paco Ortiz and produced by José Carlos de Isla. The programme will be formed of over thirty events, including an award ceremony to present recognised and important figures in the art and culture of flamenco with prizes such as the Castilletes de Oro, the Pecho Cros and the Carburos Mineros. All of the activities are free and open to the general public and will start at 19:30 in the exhibition hall of la Casa del Piñon.

What’s more, from the 5th August until the end of the Festival, the Museo Minero and the Museo del Cante de las Minas, both of which are located in the Casa del Piñon, will open their doors to the public for free from 09:30, with morning and afternoon opening hours.

And last but not least, the festival schedule includes two courses: I Flamenco Seminar for melodic instruments, given by Óscar de Manuel; and Flamenco Dancing with Eduardo Guerrero as the course teacher.

Tickets to the Festival galas and competitions can be bought from the La Union Tourism Office or through