The athlete and ambassador for La Manga Club, Andrés Lledó, is preparing for his next challenge which will be in Costa Rica

The athlete and ambassador for La Manga Club, Andrés Lledó, is preparing for his next challenge which will be in Costa Rica

After more than 20,000 kilometres across five continents, one of the great ambassadors for La Manga Club, Andrés Lledó, is facing a new challenge. Joining Oceans is an expedition that embarks from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast on April 1st and travels 400 kilometres along the so-called ‘Path of the Conquistadors’.

La Manga Club, 12nd February 2016. After his latest challenge, a jungle marathon through the Amazon that took over seven days and covered more than 250 kilometres in extreme weather conditions in which he finished second, the Carthaginian athlete and ambassador for La Manga Club, Andrés Lledó from the JimboFresh team, prepares for what will be his next adventure, Joining Oceans - Path of the Conquistadors. A totally unique and personal challenge, outside the organised racing circuit.

Eight days and 400 kilometres

Lledó faces a unique challenge: an eight-day race across an entire country, linking the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Costa Rica. This route will cover over 400 kilometres along paths trodden 500 years ago by the first conquistadors during the discovery of Central America.

This challenge begins after two years of hard training. Andrés Lledó has participated in all the great events in the discipline of self-sufficiency. After more than 20,000 kilometres through countries as diverse as China, Australia, Brazil, Jordan, Chile and Antarctica, the Carthaginian athlete feels ready to start this new challenge. According to Andrés Lledó, this challenge transcends mere sport and combines history, sport and cooperation.

7 extreme stages

The expedition Joining Oceans - Path of the Conquistadors will begin on April 1st on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. From there, Andrés Lledó will travel inland traversing over 7 different stages that will be full of contrasts. He will cross 9 different microclimateswith areas of extreme heat and humidity, wild animals, mountains over 3,000 metres high, volcanoes and deserts along this 400 kilometres route.

As is usual in the challenges taken on by Andrés Lledó, the expedition will take place under conditions of food self-sufficiency, meaning that the athletes can only make use of the food and equipment that they carry in their backpacks from day one.

El deportista y embajador de La Manga Club Andrés Lledó se prepara para su siguiente desafío en Costa Rica

Recording a documentary

This amazing challenge will not only be about the sport. The expedition helps communities, schools and sports clubs in the areas along the route, providing the means to make the local people’s everyday life more comfortable and efficient. In addition, the old stories of the route of the conquistadors, which have been passed down through word of mouth, can be revived. For this, Vincent Kronental - photo-producer, will accompany the expedition and shoot a documentary film about the challenge. Also joining the team will be athlete Vicente Juan Garcia who will be directing the race and advising Andrés Lledó about the terrain.

La Manga Club Golf Courses

Andrés Lledó, ambassador for La Manga Club, has been moving around the resort for several days and recording a video-presentation for this new challenge. The images have been taken at several of La Manga Club Resort facilities including all three of the golf courses and the Spa building.

Before his previous challenge, a Jungle Marathon in the Amazon rainforest, Andrés Lledó spent one of his many training days here at La Manga Club. To simulate weather conditions that he would have to face during the race, a treadmill was placed in the jacuzzis area at Spa La Manga Club and then he underwent two isokinetic test in CIARD (High Performance Fitness Centre), one before and after running to see how moisture had effected the performance of the athlete.