Cartagena prepares itself for its most historic festival

From 15th to 24th September, the city of Cartagena immerses itself in the celebration of the Carthaginians and Romans. This is a unique opportunity to relive a part of this city’s glorious past. The audience is taken on an authentic trip back through time to participate in the events that took place during the Second Punic War, in the third century BC.

La Manga Club, 15th de september 2017. This year’s Carthaginians and Romans programme includes, the official acts, recreations of events that took place in Cartagena during the Second Punic War, the destruction of Sagunto at the hands of Hannibal the General of the Carthaginians, the meeting of the Senate of Rome in which war is declared with the ancient city of Carthago, landings and parades of Carthaginian troops and Roman legions, the gladiator fights, chariot racing in the Roman theatre, the marching of Hannibal’s armies towards Rome and the great battle that ends with the conquest of Qart Hadasht at the hands of General Scipio.

On Friday 15th September, the Holy Fire arrives at the Port of Cartagena. This fire is used to light the lantern in Molinete Park which signifies the start of the festivities. From this moment on until 24th September various stages around the city will play host to the recreation of these historical events.

In addition, the programme offers more than 350 free events which are open to the public and take place in the city centre and in the Campamento Festero (main festival area) located next to the Cartagonova football stadium. This campamento will be the epicentre of the Festival and a place of enjoyment and fun for children and adults.

A very important part of this celebration will be, as always, the people taking part. They belong to the Carthaginian troops (25 in total) and the Roman legions (also 25 and of civil, military and naval character), these Festeros have been preparing all year to set up and plan for these festive days.

It's always a good time to visit Cartagena and the surrounding area, but during the celebration of the Carthaginians and Romans would be the best one. La Manga Club is the perfect base for excursions to Cartagena which is only 15 minutes away by car. In your spare time and away from the battles raging in Cartagena, you can enjoy our excellent sports facilities and play a bit of tennis and golf, or just relax in the spa!