Cartagena takes part in the Night of the Museums celebrations

This year on 16th May, Cartagena will light up and open the doors to its museums, art galleries, bars and restaurants for the whole day, whilst organising a multitude of cultural activities for all members of the public.

La Manga Club, 13 mayo 2015. Cartagena will once again participate in the European celebrations of The Night of the Museumsfor the 7th consecutive year, a day on which the museums and significant sites of the city will light up and offer visitors a very different cultural view. Every museum will open its doors and welcome visitors for free from 10am to 2am the next morning. Furthermore, there will be a good number of bars and restaurants open, also hosting concerts, exhibitions and recreations of historic events.

Cartagena se une a la celebración de la Noche de los Museos

To ensure you don’t miss a thing, it is advisable to go map in hand or to pick up thecomplete programme or a timetabled programme. Also available for those who want to go for a very well-organised day out, there are a series of guided routes around the Arsenal Militar de Cartagena (a military shipyard and naval base), the Centro de Interpretación de Cabo de Palos (Performance Centre), the Victor Beltrí route, the Isaac Peral submarine, and visits to the Palacio Consistorial (the principal Town Hall) and to the Palacio Aguirre, to name but a few. It is important to book in advance for all of these visits since participant numbers are limited.

Equally, all the museums and historical sites of Cartagena will be open to visitors and each one will offer activities especially designed for this event. The Museo Arqueológico Municipal, the MURAM, the Museo Histórico Militar, the Archivo Municipal, the ARQUA, the Muralla Púnica…and so on, which in total add up to 38 different points of interest all over the city.

if you are spending your family holidays at La Manga Club in Spain, Cartagena´s Night of the Museums has also taken children and families into consideration when planning events. For these members of the public various workshops, exhibitions and activities have been organised to take place throughout the evening: participants will be transformed into cavemen to carve stone and make pendants, they will decorate their own ceramic plate, form part of a Roman army or legion or one belonging to Cartagena itself, and they will be able to spend a day in the Roman theatre or play a game of giant chess.

And finally, art galleriesbars and restaurants will play their part on this very special night. Music, poetry, street art and performances recreating history will form just a part of the entertainment offered by establishments which will start in the afternoon and continue into the early hours of the morning.

In addition, there will also be a special bus service which will do a loop of the whole city at regular time intervals, whilst for those who have come from outside of the city, there is a wide range of hotels in the area. La Manga Club, with its hotel Príncipe Felipe and Las Lomas aparthotels, can be found in a strategic location at only 15 minutes´ drive from Cartagena and less than 10 minutes from the beaches of the Mar Menor and La Manga.