The city of Cartagena celebrates its popular Carnival parties

Carnaval Cartagena

From the 17th to 28th February, the city of Cartagena will find itself covered in sequins and feathers to celebrate Carnival. During these days: parades, choirs, fancy dress and dance competitions will overflow the city with a unique closing performance to amuse and entertain the public that attend. The celebration has popular roots and is considered a regional point of interest for tourists.

La Manga Club, 16th February 2017. The close by city of Cartagena will be filled with parties and celebrations for Carnival, considered a regional tourist attraction. A great opportunity to enjoy yourself and have a great time. The programme of celebrations starts this Friday with the Gala Election of the Young Queen and her ladies, the act that will proceed is that of the adults which will take place on Saturday 18th. To finalise the election of the Carnival Queen 2017 you will have to listen to the announcement that will officially declare it, which is a time of fancy dress and good humour.

The days of debauchery, good humour, fancy dress, parodies and generally joyous days start. If you are one of the fortunate ones to attend the chirigotas competition ‘City of Cartagena’, (the ticket sales, especially for the final, sell out quickly), you will have a great time revelling in the fine irony of the songs. The components of these choirs sharpen your tongue and criticise with humour from recent current affairs. Smiles are guaranteed for the public that decide to attend the competition and for the rest of the visitors of Cartagena, since the group choir performance will go the San Francisco plazas, that of Icue and San Sebastian on 25th and 26th February, (Saturday and Sunday respectively), free of charge.


The evening of Saturday 25th marks the date of the grand parade where the imagination and attractiveness of the colourful costumes will lead the main streets of Cartagena. The stars, on this occasion, are the dance groups that makes the parades a truly happy spectacle, with music and dance flowing.

Carnival also offers a Drag Queen competition, which has 12 participants this year, 3 of which come from Las Palmas of Canary Islands, a national leader of these types of competitions. These celebrations will finish on Tuesday 28th February with the traditional ending of Don Carnal in which the attendees will get to taste the ‘balls of Don Carnal’ and the ‘nipples of Doña Cuaresma’.

El Carnaval ofrece también un concurso de Draq-Queen en el que este año participan 12 candidatos, 3 de ellos proceden de Las Palmas de Gran canaria, todo un referente nacional de este tipo de concursos. Estas fiestas terminarán el martes 28 de febrero con la tradicional despedida de don Carnal  en la que los asistentes podrán degustar de “pelotas de don Carnal” y “tetillas de doña Cuaresma”.