A cycle path, pavement and several roundabouts are just some of the upcoming improvements for the road between Atamaría and Los Belones

The works, which are already in the contracting process, will also expand the width of the road which will result in the increased safety of all road users, whether motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

La Manga Club, 24th September 2015. The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Barnabas, at a meeting last week with the mayor of Cartagena, José López, announced that the contracting process for the upgrade to the RM-314 road had already begun. This will increase road safety for all road users, from drivers to the many cyclists and pedestrians passing along it, especially in the summer months.

This project, which has a budget of 3.9 million, will give continuity to the existing bike path between Portman and Atamaría, and will continue until Los Belones and across La Manga Club resort. Also a pedestrian route will be built with a pavement from Atamaría to Los Belones which is just over four kilometres.

Along the road, there will also be a mini-roundabout and three full roundabouts. These will be lit to facilitate access to the developments with appropriate water drainage. The RM-314 is currently a very narrow road, between 6 and 7 metres from km 0 to 2.6 and 4 metres from that point on until the end of the route, at kilometre 4.1.

In general, the new road base will have a total width of 17-18 metres, consisting of two single carriageways for traffic, with 3.5 metre wide lanes, 1.5 metre wide shoulders and 0.25 metre wide burns; a 3 metre wide cycle lane, 2 metre wide pedestrian walkway; and a 1.5 to 2 metre wide varying separation between the walkway and the cycle path.