The directors at La Manga Club meet with the Mayor to discuss the resort's priorities

Los responsables de La Manga Club se reúnen con el alcalde para analizar las prioridades del complejo

Director of the La Manga Club tourism and golf resort, José Asenjo, and other directors attended a meeting at which questions were raised regarding urbanisation and environmental topics and their affects on the surrounding area.

La Manga Club, 24th July 2015. The Mayor of Cartagena, José López, received the director of La Manga Club, José Asenjo, for a meeting in his office at the Palacio Consistorial. They were joined by the director and the president of Inmogolf, Gonzalo Valdés andJordi Robinat, and the deputy Mayor, Belén Castejón.

The topics discussed were related to urbanisation and the effects on the environment in the enclave where the tourism resort is situated.

Thus, there was talk of moving forward with the creation a residential area in the la Princesa section of the resort, which is included in the Plan General de Ordenación Urbana (PGOU), in addition to speaking about the transfer of some of the residential area roads located in the La Manga golfing resort into the hands of the local government, and also stating and conveying the importance to the Autonomous Community of the need to protect the green and pine areas, which are in their responsibility, and are at risk of fires, especially at this time of the year.

This gathering formed part of a programme of meetings of communication, organised by new local government team, to be held with associations, businesses and other entities based in the city in order to stay up to date with the issues affecting the local population.