Do you want your child to practice sport this summer? Try out our golf and tennis combined academies!

Junior tennis and golf academies

Are your children passionate about sport and do they want to learn and improve their skills in golf and in tennis? Now they don’t have to choose between them. We’ve created a combined golf and tennis academy for boys and girls from 7-years-old. Discover it!

La Manga Club, 30th of May 2018. - La Manga Club is renowned for its sport and summer is the ideal time for the little ones to get busy learning a new sport or improving their skills in their favourite outdoor activities.

That is why this summer we’ve launched the combined golf and tennis academy, so that boys and girls from 7-years-old don’t have to take up only one sport. This new summer academy for children has been organised in such a way that golf can be enjoyed first thing in the morning and then go on to attend tennis classes at the Tennis Centre or vice versa, start the day playing tennis and continue with golf classes at our academy or at Par47.

It is also possible to take intensive golf lessons during the entire morning or extend golfing or tennis hours throughout the week.

Consult all the available options of our new summer golf and tennis academy for kids.

In addition to this new academy, we’d like to remind you that during the entire summer, La Manga Club offers other summer academies for children such as football, cricket, rugby or dance. You can view all the summer academies for children at La Manga Club by clicking on the link.