The European Powerlifting Federation trains at La Manga Club

The European Powerlifting Federation trained at the La Manga Club for their final preparation for the forthcoming European championship which were held in the Czech Republic last month.

La Manga Club, 7th April 2015. The British Powerlifting team have recently used La Manga Club High Performance Sport Centre. Athletes lifted weights of up to 150kg and measured their performance in different power categories.

The exciting sport of Powerlifting challenges athletes to compete against the force of the iron as well as the strength of the other competitors. The three different areas which the athletes compete in are The Squat, The Bench press and the Deadlift. Each discipline is design to test a different area of human strength.

The British athletes were at La Manga Club to prepare for the European Championship which was held in late March in the Czech city of Pilsen. Taking part were 450 other athletes from over 25 European countries.

Thanks to an agreement signed in June 2014 by La Manga Club with EPF (European Powerlifting Federation) and IPF (International Powerlifting Federation), the international and European powerlifting federations have their training base here at La Manga Club for the next four years.

Furthermore, La Manga Club will host the European Powerlifting Championship in September 2015, with athletes from Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The championship will also host other events such as intensive courses (clinics), workshops, team and training camps, etc. This event will bring more than fifty athletes, coaches and sports agents to La Manga Club.

“Such agreements” says Jose Asenjo, CEO of La Manga Club, "reinforces our goal to open doors to other lesser known sports in the region, but with immense possibilities, such as triathlon or powerlifting".