Fifty team from more than 20 European countries will visit La Manga Club this winter

The winter break is now underway at La Manga Club’s Football Centre

German team VfB Stuttgart, and the country's under-16 and under-17 sides were the first to use the facilities of the Football Centre at La Manga Club. Over the next three months, there will be more than 50 live matches and three international tournaments featuring the best men’s and women's teams.​

La Manga Club, 8th of January, 2019.-  La Manga Club Football Centre has just launched its winter season and will welcome teams from more than 20 countries during the next three months.

More than 1,000 professional players will use the facilities train and hone their skills for the second half of the league, and for friendly games with other teams. This year, La Manga Club will welcome teams from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Nordic countries. During the winter season alone, spectators can will be able to enjoy than 50 matches, showcasing the best of European football. 

Football winter season 2019 at La Manga Club

Football matches at La Manga Club

German side VfB Stuttgart kicked off the winter season, along with the sub-17s, sub-18s and sub-19s, as well as a large number of women’s football teams, such as those from England, Scotland and the United States, among others.

What’s more, in February, March and April, La Manga Club will host three international football tournaments: the men’s under-17s and under-18s in February; the under-19s women’s team in March, and the under-23s women’s competition in April.


VfB Stuttgart at La Manga Club