Football begins at La Manga Club with a tournament between European teams

From the 12th to the 21st November, La Manga Club will receive four teams made up of Norway’s under20s and under21s, France’s under20s and Switzerland’s under21s. This will be the starting pistol for the winter football season in the sports and leisure complex.

La Manga Club, 9th November 2018.- La Manga Club is preparing for a new season of football with a tournament between several European teams. Specifically, between the 12th and 21st November, La Manga Club will welcome four teams: the Norwegian under20s and under21s, the French under20s and the Swiss under21s

These four teams will bring more than 100 footballers to the facilities of La Manga Club in total, where they will be able to enjoy not only the Football complex facilities, but also many other sports facilities such as the High Performance Centre, the indoor swimming pool or the gymnasium, all of which are very much used by the football teams in order to complete their training when they carry out their preseason at La Manga Club.

During these days, the teams will play several friendly matches. All matches between these teams will be free of charge, the schedule being as follows:



14:00 hrs

France U20


Switzerland U21


15:00 hrs

Norway U20


France U20


16:00 hrs

Norway U21


Turkey U21


Furthermore, in a few weeks, La Manga Club will begin the winter football season, with the arrival of dozens of European teams who will take advantage of the sports facilities and climate for their preseason. According to Iván Gómez, commercial director of football at La Manga Club, “during the months of January, February and March we will receive dozens of teams to our facilities, which means that we remain the benchmark sports complex in the Region. We are the only resort to bring together in a single space, accommodation, sports and leisure facilities and a spectacular environment”.