Great success of La Manga Club at the Royal Theatre in Madrid with the Las Minas Puerto Flamenco show

Las Minas Flamenco Tour

La Manga Club, 13rd April 2016. La Manga Club was represented at the Royal Theatre in Madrid through the Las Minas Puerto Flamenco show that it is sponsoring, which takes the art of flamenco all around the world.

Las Minas Puerto Flamenco took place on two different dates (Thursday and Friday) at the Royal Theatre in Madrid during its tour of Spain and was presented by our ambassador Juan Ramón Lucas. There were important faces present from the world of performing arts, politics and sports amongst others. Many different personalities have passed through the Hall of the Royal Theatre including Queen Sofía, the designer Francis Montesinos, footballer Fernando Hierro, Carmen Lomana, the director of the Port Community of Cartagena Antonio Sevilla and minister for the Development of the Region of Murcia Francisco Bernabé.

Juan Ramón Lucas, presentador de Las Minas Flamenco Tour en el Teatro Real

Over the ninety-minute spectacular, the ten artists perform their own speciality which they showed in order to become winners of the Cante de las Minas festival. This is not a traditional show, but one in which the participants will interact with each other. The singer is accompanied by the guitars, which in turn play alongside the dance, the percussion, Flamenco flute and Cajon drum box, and all uninterrupted. This tour pays homage to those maritime professionals that represent the essence and flavour in the ports and are intimately connected to the music.

On December 12th this year, the tour made a stop in the Batel Auditorium in Cartagena. It will now move on to more than 30 other ports around Spain including Andalucía and Levante, through Catalunya and northern Spain, followed by the Canary and Balearic islands, Ceuta and Melilla. The show wiill travel on to the United States of America in September. It will then travel down through Mexico, Central and Southern America before moving on to Asia and returning to Europe.

La Manga Club are proud sponsors of this show, and also collaborate with the International Cante de las Minas de La Unión festival.