Improve your swing and your stroke with the Golf Training Centre’s new technology

Swing Catalyst and Trackman technologies at the Golf Training Centre La Manga Club

The Golf Training Centre at La Manga Club is one of the few places in Spain where golfers can use the Swing Catalyst and Trackman technologies, which help to improve swings and strokes by analysing a wide range of recorded data.  

La Manga Club, 7th of May 2018.- A couple of weeks ago the golf academy at La Manga Club, the Golf Training Centre, incorporated two new technologies that help users to improve their swing and stroke through the analysis of a variety of data. These go by the name of the Swing Catalyst and the Trackman, two state-of-the-art systems which add to the quality of the advanced coaching programmes at the academy.

The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate system uses the latest sensory technology that gives the player detailed information on how they create and use ground reaction forces both in the address position and in the full swing. This new tool is invaluable as it shows the user how to correct their posture and balance in order to improve their game, a strategy taken for granted up until now. The Swing Catalyst sends the data it gathers from the player to a screen so that they can graphically see where they are applying the most amount of pressure on their bodies through a colour-coded measure (the colour appears more intense where the most amount of pressure is applied). The aim is to achieve a swing well suited to the physique of each golfer and to evaluate how their personal performance compares to that of a professional.  

The coaches of the best golfers in the world, like Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth or Tiger Woods use the Swing Catalyst in order to improve their skills.

In Spain, La Manga Club is the only golf course that uses this technology which is now accessible to all those whom wish to improve their game like a professional. In addition, the director of the Golf Training Centre, Thomas Johansson, is the sole ambassador of the Swing Catalyst brand in Spain.

On the other hand, the Trackman is another system that has been used for some time now at the Golf Training Centre. By using doppler radar technology, this tool provides a wide range of data about the club at the moment of impact and the distance of the ball. Furthermore, it records the swing and reproduces an image on a screen where it can be compared with the swings of professional golfers. The best feature that Trackman gives us is its ability to demonstrate, in but a few minutes, the changes made after the evaluation. Many students have gained a 20-metre driver through merely knowing how the club should be held at the moment the ball needs to be hit.    

These two new tools make the Golf Training Centre one of the best and one of the most complete golf training centres in all of Spain.