Juan Ignacio Ferrández, Official Chronicler of Cartagena and employee at La Manga Club, publishes his fourth book

‘Comercios antiguos de Cartagena y su publicidad’ Juan Ignacio Ferrández

Juan Ignacio Ferrández, employee of La Manga Club for the past 20 years, has spent 8 years compiling information about ‘Old Businesses of Cartagena and their Publicity’. The writer has spent this time searching within the local archives and checking old publications, photographs, illustrations, but also speaking with traders and their offspring. All of the hard work will pay off on 31st March for this compilation of the most emblematic businesses of Cartagena. The profits will go towards the Spanish Association which fights against cancer. 

La Manga Club, 6th March 2017 –  Juan Ignacio Ferrández combines his investigative work with his job at La Manga Club in Guest Services, where he has been working for 20 years. This writer, press collaborator (Onda Cero and La Opinión), president of the Beltrí Commission and Official Chronicler of Cartagena was 30 years old when he discovered his curiosity for the history of his city.

The publication contains around 1,300 illustrations that will transport the reader to different eras. The businesses that feature in this piece are from the 1900s up until the 90s. The author has wanted to do an overview, ordered by streets, of the most emblematic local places of the city, “it is more than a book, it is a photo album, and of publicity, with small introductions”, says the author. Within the shops that appear in the book, there are fashion stores such as ‘Galerías la Ilusion’, or ‘Jovelca’, including the emblematic ‘Discos Carrots’, of which he wants to dedicate whole pages to.  

Juan Ignacio Ferrández-cronista Cartagena-empleado La Manga Club

For Juan Ignacio Ferrández, this piece has a special significance for two reasons. The first being that he is a descendent of the traders of Cartagena, thanks to two of his grandparents. And the second is that the proceedings will go towards the integral fight against cancer. An illness that took away two close family members of his in the past year. The writer believes that it is a good way of remembering them. Since one of them worked their whole life in publishing and the other in a business, it made sense from all angles.

 ‘Comercios antiguos de Cartagena y su publicidad’ Juan Ignacio Ferrández

Another characteristic of this book, is that as well as financing itself through the sponsorship of large companies, it has carried out a financing fund, which is known as ‘crowdfunding’. This initiative has received a great response and more than 700 people have been involved in this project. A small donation of €20, ensures the sponsors also receive a copy of the book once it is published.

The book ‘Old Businesses of Cartagena and their Publicity’, will be on sale in different book shops and the city’s el Corte Inglés at a price of €25. Juan Ignacio Ferrandiz is already working on his next book which promises to be equally as interesting as his last, and will revolve around the bars of this port town.