La Manga Club builds a new children’s play area and a multisport court

This June, Las Lomas 4* Village will have a new recreational play area for our younger guests to enjoy themselves in. This area, designated for children, will be located next to the swimming pool of La Pérgola. La Manga Club is also creating a new multisport court that will be in the area where the old tennis court at Las Lomas 4* Village used to be.

La Manga Club, June 7th 2017 – During the month of June, the resort will be building new leisure, entertainment and sports spaces. The first of which will be aimed at children, leading to the creation of a new area where they can enjoy themselves. It will be located on the land where the mini golf circuit used to be, next to La Pérgola. The second of these spaces will be a multisport court that has the facilities to play football, basketball or tennis on and is going to be located on the site of the old tennis court at Las Lomas 4* Village Apartments.

The new play area will have every child’s favourite playground equipment, it will include: a large curved slide, a zip-line, a boat, a seesaw, a small play house and a playground swing toy. There will also be a specially designated area for children younger than 3.  


Zona de juegos infantiles. Las Lomas Village. La Manga Club

The other project that the resort is currently undertaking this month is a multisport court in Las Lomas 4* Village. Nothing will remain of the old tennis court since its surface will have to be completely renovated and a modern glass wall installed as well. The area will allow various sports to be played, such as football, basketball and tennis. To enable all three sports to be played, it will have football goals, basketball nets and a tennis net. Additionally, the lighting and the access to the area will be improved, as well as a net surrounding the area to stop balls from escaping.

Las Lomas 4* Village Apartments has different types of apartments and is specifically aimed at families or people that want to enjoy their holidays with a bit more independence. This part of the resort has a variety of leisure facilities, which include the La Pérgola swimming pool and a selection of other recreational areas and restaurants.