La Manga Club gives its second health workshop on ‘Nutrition and Healthy Habits’

La Manga Club has activated a ‘health plan’ for the resort’s employees so that they can receive information, advice and professional help on a subject as important as health.

La Manga Club, June 29th 2017 – The second health workshop, led by La Manga Club together with Sanitas, was about ‘nutrition and healthy habits’. This seminar was included in the series of training days, otherwise known as ‘health workshops’, which are led by medical specialists of each topic and are open to all employees interested in receiving information, advice and medical recommendations.

This second meeting informed the attendees about basic nutritional concepts, from the healthy eating pyramid to the myths of healthy eating. This workshop also addressed other interesting topics such as: miracle diets, to cook or not to cook with a microwave, the recent trend of substituting cow’s milk for soya or how obesity has come to Spain. The ‘health workshops’ have an educational and practical focus, in order to ensure a greater understanding of each topic and to further raise the awareness of preventative measures.

Taller ‘Nutrición y hábitos saludables’-La Manga Club

Within the series of health workshops there are a variety of topics. The first workshop, which was held in late May, was about 'how to prevent breast cancer' and the other planned workshops in the series deal with cardiovascular diseases, while the last workshop will focus on musculoskeletal disorders.

These actions form part of a ‘health plan’ pioneered by La Manga Club to improve the working environment, and therefore health, of the resort's employees. La Manga Club is using its resources to ensure that the employees work in a safe working environment and that they have all relevant medical information at their disposal.