La Manga Club hosts the largest youth golf tournament in Spain

Campeonato de España Infantil, Benjamin y Alevín

El Campeonato de España Infantil, Alevín and Benjamín Reale, will take place between 27th and 29th June using the golf course here at La Manga. The most promising golfers in Spain will compete in six categories (youths, Alevín and Benjamín, and then further divided into Males and Females) on the three 18-holed golf courses that La Manga has: The South, the North and the West.

La Manga Club, 2nd June 2016 – The competition returns every two years to La Manga Club and the golfers return to compete for the coveted titles of El Campeonato de España Infantil, Alevín and Benjamín Reale, a tradition that has continued for the past three decades.

Some 400 players will compete on the three 18-holed courses, whose quality is widely known on an international level and has received highly-regarded international prizes accordingly. The organisation of the event, headed by Íñigo Alfaro, director of Holegolf, insisted that “given the quality and the scale of the facilities at La Manga Club, the six championships can all be played at the same venue, which suits the organisers of the tournament”. Additionally, Alfaro commented that “in the previous editions of the tournament that following golfers have been the winners: Carlos del Corral, Noelia Navarro, Lucía Mar, Mandy Goyos, Harang Lee, Raúl Ballesteros, etc. Furthermore, other notable amateurs that are now professional, like Sergio García, came second in the Youth category in 1993”.

The South course at La Manga will become the golf course for the Youth category (13 and 14 years old), the North Course for the Alevín category (11 and 12 year olds) and the South Course for the Benjamín category (10 years old or less), that will only compete on 9 holes a day.   

Campeonato de España Infantil, Benjamin y Alevín

The 400 participants will be accompanied by their families, with approximately 800 to 900 visitors to the complex in total, all of which will enjoy one of the best golf resorts in Europe, recognized recently in the World Travel Awards and other specialized magazines. “In La Manga Club, we have a special place in our hearts for the tournament”, mentioned José Asenjo, CEO of the resort, “it’s the best golf tournament for youths in Spain, with the most promising players selected by the federation, and all in all it is a great honor that La Manga Club has been selected every two years to host this competition”.