La Manga Club hosts a World Amateur Golf Championships tournament

La Manga Club acoge un torneo del Campeonato Mundial de Golf Amateur

It is the first time that this Championship of golf has come to Murcia. At the end of this round, five finalists will have the opportunity to put their skills on display in a national final which will take place in September.

La Manga Club, 16th June 2015. For the first time, La Manga Club will play host to one of the tournaments of the World Amateur Golf Championships (WAGC) 2015, which will take place on 9th August. WAGC is an event which covers 20 circuits all over Spain, with 2500 participants and 5 categories. Of these 2500 participants, only the top 100 in each category will attend the national final, from which the 5 best players of the whole competition (one from each of the five categories) will be chosen to represent Spain in the world final, to be held in Turkey. In addition to Spain, 34 other countries will be represented.

La Manga Club acoge un torneo del Campeonato Mundial de Golf Amateur

The World Amateur Golf Championships 2015 started in May in Malaga and will come to an end in August in Zaragoza. On 5th and 6th September the national final will take place and the world final will be held from the 28th November to 5th December. 

The five Championship categories are established according to handicap: 
• 1st category…………0 – 5,4
• 2nd category……….. 5,5 – 10,4
• 3rd category…………10,5 – 15,4
• 4th category…………15,5 – 20,4
• 5th category…………20,5 – 25,4

 If you want to participate, you can sign up in our Golf Club or calling at 968 33 12 34. 

More information here or on the official website of WAGC 2015.