La Manga Club levels out one of its football pitches

La Manga Club’s main football pitch, Pitch A, is being levelled out to iron out the wear and tear that has occurred over time. This complex process involves momentarily removing all of the grass, a process that will take a week to do.

La Manga Club, 24th May 2017 – For the first time, the greenkeepers at La Manga Club have decided to level out one of the FIFA-approved football pitches. This complex process has begun on Pitch A, the main pitch of the Football Centre and where the most important matches are played on.

To level out the pitch it has been necessary to pull up the entire surface of the pitch. The grass layer was carefully removed and rolled up into bales to preserve it, as the intention is to re-use part of the turf taken from the pitch. This is due to the fact that the grass is still in perfect condition so it will be re-planted and re-used on the golf courses at La Manga Club.


During this process, the soil will be aired so that it has improved porosity. The soil that is being aired contains grass roots, which once the surface has been perfectly levelled, will be poured back onto the football pitch in the form of cuttings.

In just one week, the greenkeepers at La Manga Club will have finished this complex flattening process. Additionally, within two months, the playing surface of Pitch A will, once again, be in perfect condition to play on and ready for the pre-season training camps. The football teams that visit La Manga Club in the forthcoming months will have some of the best surfaces to play on at their disposal, perfectly level pitches without a single uneven patch.  

It is important to remember that La Manga Club has eight FIFA-approved, natural grass pitches and all of the necessary training facilities for the biggest of football teams to train on and to host high-level competitions - making it a leading centre to train football not only in Murcia and Spain but also throughout Europe.