La Manga Club renews its partnership agreement with Cante de Las Minas International Festival

La Manga Club continues its 20 years' supporting flamenco by signing another agreement with the Cante de Las Minas Foundation in La Unión.

La Manga Club, July 7th 2017 – La Manga Club and the Cante de Las Minas Foundation have renewed their partnership agreement to maintain and spread the excitement of the rhythmic art of flamenco. With this agreement, the resort supports the celebration of the 57th edition of the ‘Cante de Las Minas International Festival’, which is to be held from the 2nd to 12th of August in the ‘Old Public Market’ (Antiguo Mercado Público) of La Unión.

The mayor of La Unión and president of the Cante de Las Minas Foundation, Pedro López Milán, is grateful for the collaboration that the best resort in Europe has supported for another year, highlighting the importance of having sponsors of such notable prestige, as it “sends out an image about the festival and the town”. He later went on to acknowledge “how difficult it would be to bring about a festival of this importance without the economic support, or any other type of support, which the sponsors provide". 

Convenio Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas- La Manga Club


José Asenjo, the CEO of La Manga Club, recalled the commitment of La Manga Club, which started nearly two decades ago, to the most important flamenco festival at both national and international scale. He also highlighted, “the interesting part of the agreement for La Manga Club is offering support to local culture and linking the resort’s name with the Cante de Las Minas International Festival”.

The President of the Cante de Las Minas Foundation has signalled that this year, the festival will feature a program of four double-gala performances, with the best current flamenco artists present. Another notable performance to take place in the Agrupa Vicenta mine will be the famous flamenco singer Antonia Contreras, the previous winner of the Lámpara Minera. Additionally, after the success of last year’s event, the organizers will repeat the ‘Cante en la calle’, a series of free performances and recitals on the streets on La Unión.