La Manga Club is sponsoring the 'Las Minas Puerto Flamenco' tour, a show that is taking flamenco to the world

La Manga Club is sponsoring the La Minas Puerto Flamenco tour, a show that is taking flamenco to the world

On December 12th in The Batel Auditorium in Cartagena, ten winning artist from the Cante de las Minas festival took part in a show where they performed various specialities. Included in this spectacular were singing, dancing, 'Cajon' drum box, and guitars.

La Manga Club, 29th December 2015. Las Minas Flamenco Tour, promoter of the International Festival Cante de las Minas de La Unión, are travelling with their Las Minas Puerto Flamenco tour. Taking part in this tour are ten winners from the Cante de las Minas Festival. Among them are: Gema Jiménez, Eduardo Guerrero, Amador Rojas, Yolanda Osuna, José Tomás Jiménez, Oscar de Manuel, Miguel Pérez, Manuel Soto and Lolo Plantón.

Over the ninety-minute spectacular, the ten artists perform their own speciality which they showed in order to become winners of the Cante de las Minas festival. This is not a traditional show, but one in which the participants will interact with each other. The singer is accompanied by the guitars, which in turn play alongside the dance, the percussion, Flamenco flute and Cajon drum box, and all uninterrupted. This tour pays homage to those maritime professionals that represent the essence and flavour in the ports and are intimately connected to the music.

La Manga Club patrocina la gira Las Minas Puerto Flamenco, un espectáculo que llevará el flamenco por todo el mundo

On December 12th this year, the tour made a stop in the Batel Auditorium in Cartagena. It will now move on to more than 30 other ports around Spain including Andalucía and Levante, through Catalunya and northern Spain, followed by the Canary and Balearic islands, Ceuta and Melilla. This leg of the tour finishes at the Royal Theatre in Madrid on 7th and 8th of April before travelling on to the United States of America in September. It will then travel down through Mexico, Central and Southern America before moving on to Asia and returning to Europe.

La Manga Club are proud sponsors of this show, and also collaborate with the International Cante de las Minas de La Unión festival.