La Manga Club takes on the International Football Tournament for U17 and U18

International Football Tournament for U17 and U18

The national U17 and U18 football teams from various countries such as Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic or Poland will be competing in matches for the International Tournament in their particular category at La Manga Club. The different teams will play from the 7th to 12th of February, with the presence of international scouts that are taking this opportunity to discover new talent.​

La Manga Club, 6th of February 2019. The International Tournament for U17 and U18 National teams are celebrating yet another year at La Manga Club with the presence of teams from various European countries that will be competing from the 7th until the 12th of February on the 8 natural grass, FIFA sized, football pitches that make up the resort. The players will also have access to the rest of La Manga Club’s facilities. 

The resort will also be hosting international scouts that will have the opportunity to discover new talent during the matches that are scheduled to be played:

  • 7th of February: National Teams U17
    • 15:00 hrs. Romania vs Sweden (pitch G)
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs Czech Rep (pitch A)
  • 8th of February: National Teams U18
    • 15:00 hrs. Poland vs Portugal (pitch G) 
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs. Slovakia (pitch A)
  • 9th of February: National Teams U17
    • 15:00 hrs. Czech Republic vs Romania (pitch G)
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs Sweden (pitch A)
  • 10th of February: National Teams U18
    • 15:00 hrs. Portugal vs Slovakia (pitch G)
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs. Poland (pitch A)
  • 11th of February: National Teams U17
    • 15:00 hrs. Czech Republic vs Sweden (pitch A)
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs. Romania (pitch A)
  • 12th of February: National Teams U18
    • 15:00 hrs. Poland vs Slovakia (pitch G)
    • 18:00 hrs. Norway vs Portugal (pitch A)

La Manga Club will host football teams from more than 20 countries during the winter season. More than one thousand professional players will take advantage of the concentration to train and prepare the second part of the league, as well as to play friendly matches with other teams. In the winter period alone, more than 50 matches of the best European football can be watched. In the month of March, it will be the turn of the European Under-19 national teams of women's football, which will have the presence of the Spanish group.

With more than 4 decades hosting for some of the best international football teams, La Manga Club is the usual destination for preseason club training. Their Football Centre consists of eight natural grass pitches with measurements following the FIFA international standard.