La Manga Club teaches children the most important values that support golf

La Manga Club offers children's golf lessons in English. The resort's exciting new initiative will offer golf classes to children between 7 and 18 of age whilst also promoting the values of kindness, responsibility, honesty and social skills.

La Manga Club, January, 9th 2019.- These days, kids spend most of their days indoors and are lost without their video console, tablet, mobile... La Manga Club offers a great alternative and a way to have fun in the open air, playing golf.

Golf is a great sport for kids: it's a healthy physical outdoor activity, meaning children are in contact with nature and breathing fresh air. It also helps foster interpersonal relationships with other children.

The teachers will give the classes and establish a relationship with the students in English. Our golf instructors teach sporting values such as kindness, responsibility, honesty and social skills. It also improves the development of a series of movements, such as basic motor skills.

Golf para niños en inglés-La Manga Club

According to renowned Swedish instructor Thomas Johansson, director of La Manga Club Golf Training Centre, "playing golf can create many educational opportunities, three of my students have gone on to become professional golfers in the United States on the basis of their abilities as children". "Children learn through play and they learn golf in the same way. This means they don't realise they're learning, they're just having fun", explains Johansson.

Classes start on 12 January and will be taught by professionals from the Golf Academy. Children can do a whole day of classes or per hour. For parents of children attending La Manga Club golf classes, special rates are available at: the Tennis Centre, the Wellness Centre, at shops in the resort and at all bars and restaurants in the complex. For more information click here . Tel. +34 968331234 - ext. 1362 or email: