La Manga Club works with those most in need from Cartagena with the collection of food and essential basic products

La Manga Club works with those most in need from Cartagena with the collection of food and essential basic products

As this time every year, La Manga Club commits to help those most in need from Cartagena by collecting basic essential food, personal hygiene and baby products. 

La Manga Club, 11st December 2015. Every year around this time, La Manga Club expresses its commitment to those most in need from the region of Cartagena and the areas around the tourist, leisure and golf resort. It does so with three actions that involves employees and all those who want to help by donating basic essential food and hygiene products both for adults and babies.

The collection will be donated to various organisations from Cartagena for distribution according to need.

IV Mountain Race - food collection

The first action that La Manga Club took to work with charities that help those most in need was made to coincide with the hosting of the IV Mountain Race in La Manga Club. For two weeks prior to the race, we collected basic essential food and products. This is thanks to the solidarity of the resort staff, race participants and everyone who wanted to take part in the collection.

On this occasion the collection was for basic essential food, personal hygiene and baby products, such as nappies, wet-wipes, baby food, milk formula etc. Everything that has been collected will go to two charities in Cartagena: The Santa Teresa Hospital, which welcomes travellers, immigrants and the homeless; and Hogar de la Infancia or Casa Cuna (The Children's home) which houses homeless children.

Collection for the Murcia Regional Food Bank

At the same time, over the last two weeks, several collection points were provided for the Food Bank at various places around the golf resort. La Manga Club employees also collaborated with this and it will go to help the Murcia Regional Food Bank.

La Manga Club colabora con los más necesitados de Cartagena con la recogida de alimentos y productos de primera necesidad

The Tree of Wishes

The Tree of Wishes is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated actions for La Manga Club. Every year, a few days before the Christmas holiday begins, a tree is installed in the lobby of the Principe Felipe Hotel, “the Tree of Wishes”. On the tree are forty hanging Christmas cards with the wishes from forty disadvantaged children. Each one asks for a wish, something from los Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men).

All those wishing to participate can do so either through a financial donation or through the acquisition of the 'wish' for the child. There are also companies that collaborate with La Manga Club to help to make these wishes come true. The 'wishes' are given to the children at a special party that takes place in La Manga Club with a little help from the Three Wise Men.

This year, gift-giving will take place on Thursday 7th January and will be done in coordination with Cáritas Cartagena.