La Manga Club’s chefs give practical and useful tips for making the most of your kitchen

Director of the Food and Beverages sector at La Manga Club, chef Philippe Galindo, shares his knowledge with all of the resort’s employees about the art of cooking. Via three very hands-on classes, the chef is passing on key tips on cooking with little time, what to make with few ingredients and a time constraint, and lastly, how to transform bland food into select delicacies.

La Manga Club, 17th April 2017 – Chef Philippe Galindo is sharing his experience behind the stove with La Manga Club’s employees. Over three practical cooking classes, Philippe Galindo, director of La Manga Club’s Food and Beverages sector, along with the general kitchen coordinator, Emilio Esparza, are giving practical and useful tips on making the most of the kitchen.

Galindo shared his words of advice that have helped make him become such a great chef, recognised for a Michelin star. One of the most important has been that a chef’s most powerful weapon is reflection. For this reason, the first step is to time manage and to always start cooking the food that requires the most time. Additionally, to take a few minutes to reflect on what you are going to do, so that it will help you have a clear view on the development of the recipe and so you have time to spare avoiding improvisation, which would end up hindering the final dish.

Curso cocina empleados

What you should do when you don’t have much time to cook something up is to make food which does not require a lot of work, and find ingredients that complement one another. This the first lesson of the cooking course.

The chefs demonstrated how to make two easy and simple dishes. The recipes were based on products which anyone can find in the fridge: a piece of chicken, sprouts, honey mustard, yesterday’s bread. With these simple ingredients, Galindo and Esparza cooked two delicious meals, one cold and the other hot, which consisted of lettuce rolls filled with these ingredients. The cooks also showed how to present correctly, something which is very important in the kitchen, and demonstrated how to do it using few resources.

Curso cocina empleados

This first class has had a successful participation rate with the maximum capacity of 12 positions being filled. The next classes will be on the 5th May and 2nd June. The first of those will demonstrate what do with an aubergine, apple and potato in a short amount of time. The last of the classes will teach you how to transform a simple onion into something exquisite or a sardine into a delicacy. Ending with a cocktail of textures with carrots, oranges and rum.