The Los Belones-Atamaría road works will be completed by October

The improvement and expansion works of the RM-314 road which links Los Belones with Atamaría has an investment of 2.4 million euros and consists of extending the road platform by 11 metres. The remodeling works are expected to be completed by October. ​

La Manga Club, 20th March 2017.- Update: The general secretary of the Planning Ministry, Yolanda Muñoz visited the improvement and expansion works of the RM-314 road which links Los Belones with Atamaría on Tuesday 4th April. The councilor attended with the general director of roads, José Antonio Fernández Lladó. Both supervised the affected road from the remodeling works which are expected to be completed by October. 

Obras carretera Belones-Atamaría

The roadworks in question, will mean a great improvement from a road safety perspective of the drivers as well as for the many cyclists and pedestrians that make daily use of this road. The RM-314 is currently a very narrow road, with a width between 6 to 7 metres from kilometre 0 to kilometre 2.6 of the road and a 4-metre width from this point up until to the end of the road, at 4.1 kilometres. Consequently, this road does not have the capacity required to accommodate increasing amount of residential traffic that has grown in the past few years, nor the necessary access to cater the new urban developments that have been implemented on either side of this road.

The project has an investment of 2.4 million euros and consists of extending the road platform by 11 metres, so that the road has a carriageway only for vehicles with two lanes of 3.5 metres (one lane on either side), two hard shoulders of 1 metre and a cycle lane of 2 metres. This road, on average, sees 4,200 cars daily and has recorded more than 1.5 million commutes a year.