Medik8, the revolutionary cosmetic brand specialising in natural products, comes to the Wellness Centre at La Manga Club

The Wellness Centre at La Manga Club has begun working with the cosmetic brand Medik8. The brand’s products are known as ‘green cosmeceuticals’ because of the nature of their products. Their merchandise is carefully researched using a combination of botanical studies with pharmacology so that their products minimise the chance of skin irritation.   

La Manga Club, June 11t2017 – The Wellness Centre is the ideal place to look after your body and to relax. The centre uses the best cosmetic brands and has now incorporated Medik8, another prestigious brand, to its range of products. The Wellness Centre has chosen this company as a brand due to its success in the British markets and because its products are carefully made to look after and treat skin.

The cosmetics are clinically proven, with a professional guarantee and a highly stable nature. Additionally, their product range is biocompatible and free of parabens, sulphates and detergents.

In the Wellness Centre at La Manga Club, you can find a wide range of Medik8 products: serums, cleansers, exfoliants, moisturisers, sunscreens, etc

Medik8 - Wellness Center La Manga Club

What is Medik8?

It is a professional British cosmetic company, founded by Elliot Isaacs, a pharmacist and physiologist, and who is a pioneer in his field.

The brand is characterised by its constant research into skin and into cosmetic products suitable for people with sensitive skin, without compromising on its quality so that everyone can use its products.

Medik8 arrived in the skincare industry at a very interesting time, around the start of the cosmeceutical revolution and also the rise of the natural/organic movement. They became one of the first companies in the research of ‘green cosmetics’ for all types of skin.

The products, as well as being gentle to skin, are also eco-friendly, hence the title of ‘green cosmeceuticals’. They are committed to minimising, as much as they can, their impact on the environment. This is a major consideration through all stages of product development, from the initial research into a product to the final phases of creation.

The Wellness Centre at La Manga Club is 2000m2 in size and within the building there is a designated spa area, jacuzzis, saunas, indoor pool, a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre and the High Performance Centre. All of the facilities within the Wellness Centre are designed to help you look after your health and wellbeing. The centre is located in Las Lomas Village and for further information or to make a reservation, call +34 968 33 81 01 ext. 6101/6100 or via email: