The most advanced technology to improve the performance of football teams

Catapult system La Manga Club

La Manga Club is offering this season’s football teams, who are using their facilities, the Catapult system: a method which allows you to measure the performance of the players to optimize their training. Teams such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris St Germain also use it.

La Manga Club, 02 February 2017. The football teams that are using La Manga Club facilities as the base for their Winter training have a valuable addition for this season: the possibility of using the technology of Catapult, based on the GPS system.

This system is the global leader in athletic analytics, protecting thousands of elite athletes and their trainers with scientifically accurate measurements to improve the performance of the athlete. Catapult, applied in more than 30 sports teams (football, basketball, rugby, hockey…), allows you to know an athlete in the most detail, their risk factors such as tactical, physical and technical aspects.

Catapult is used by clubs like AC Milan, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund, Flamengo, Cruzeiro, Fulham, Dínamo de Zagreb, Hannover, Newcastle, Olympique de Marsella, Real Sociedad, Palmeiras, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Tottenham, Udinese and by the national teams of Brazil, Sweden, United States, Columbia, Russia y Uruguay, and others.


Sistema Catapult La Manga Club

In the concrete case of football, Catapult gives information like the distance between players, the space used by each one, post-match analysis with physical data, frequency of jumps and height reached, how to manage breaks in order to avoid overworking, micromovements (change of direction, acceleration and deceleration…) and a management exercise which allows a prediction of efforts to individually plan each footballer’s working programme.

The Belgian team RSC Anderlecht has been one of those to have been able to use the Catapult system during their stay at La Manga Club.

Here you can see all of the football teams that will spend their winter season at La Manga Club.