MundiAvocat 2016 exceeds expectations reaching nearly 100 participating teams

MundiAvocat 2016 supera las expectativas con la participación de casi 100 equipos de todo el mundo

The World Cup of Lawyers taking place at La Manga Club from 13th – 22nd May has exceeded all previous expectations. There are 6 weeks until the event kicks off and there are currently 85 confirmed teams from 36 different countries.

La Manga Club, 31st March 2016. There are still 6 weeks to go until La Manga Club will host the biggest sporting event its facilities have ever seen, the football World Cup of Lawyers or MundiAvocat 2016, has exceeded all expectations.

Currently there are 85 teams confirmed from 36 countries all around the world, including China, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, France and Brazil to name a few. But it doesn´t stop there with the organization hoping to exceed more than 100 teams (more than 2000 players).

This World Cup of Lawyers is celebrated every 2 years, with this being the 3rd time that it is held in Spain (the last time was in 2008 in Alicante). The previous tournament was played in 2014 in Hungary with 76 participating teams.

The 18th tournament in its history taking place at La Manga Club has exceeded the expectations of the organisation for a whole host of reasons. The first is that a 'Spanish destination' signifies for many people a safe destination – for both climate and culture. The second is the facilities of the resort, it is the first time in the history of the tournament that it is to be played on natural grass. A new tournament has also been included as part of the competition this year: 5 a-side.

MundiAvocat 2016 supera las expectativas con la participación de casi 100 equipos de todo el mundo

Accommodation at La Manga Club

Given the huge number of players coming to La Manga Club to participate in this national competition the resort has 90 rooms available for participants in Hotel Príncipe Felipe 5*, as well as 600 beds in apartments at Las Lomas Village 4*, accommodation in Montemares apartments (approximately 60 people) and more than 100 beds in different villas around the resort. On top of this, other nearby hotels located in La Manga del Mar Menor will also be taking visitors.

Global impact of the event

The World Cup of Lawyers MundiAvocat 2016 will put La Manga Club and the region of Murcia on the map, given the enormity and global recognition of the event. The golf and leisure resort will gain recognition in the international tourist market, offering the opportunity to host future sporting events of this nature.

Additionally, the tournament and the huge number of participants will be of great benefit to the area surrounding La Manga Club, which is taking place in May between the two highest tourist seasons of Easter and summer.

Top class football facilities

La Manga Club is complete with 8 natural grass football pitches of official FIFA size. One of the pitches has a stand for 800 spectators. The Football Centre at La Manga Club also has an additional pitch available for 5 a side, changing rooms, parking facilities and a press room.

A whole host of men´s national teams including England and Spain, women´s national teams and u19 and u21 teams have trained using La Manga Club´s facilities. As well as a variety of clubs from different countries such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Sevilla, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

The sports, leisure and golf complex has also been chosen as the place that FC Barcelona will carry out their summer camp for children and young people. This year they will be celebrating the third camp of its type from 25th to 29th July.