The new Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment from Natura Bissé is now available at La Manga Club Spa

Nuevo Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment de Natura Bissé, ahora en el Spa La Manga Club

Combining two powerful products, this latest innovation in chronocosmetic skincare uses the skin’s natural time of rest to accelerate anti-aging results thanks to its exclusive marine DNA, retinol and Omega 5.

La Manga Club, 12 September, 2016 - Night-time is no excuse for no looking after your skin. In fact, it is the ideal moment to transform it, as cells concentrate all their efforts in repairing, renewing and regenerating while you are sleeping.

The new Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment from Natura Bissé offers surprising anti-aging results while you sleep. This chronocosmetic beauty ritual combines two incredibly powerful nutrient products to beautify your skin night after night.

On one hand, the Diamond Extreme Oil is a scientifically advanced anti-aging formula that includes a fusion of biocompatible oils - amaranth, chia, calendula - along with other ingredients that help the deep regenerate of the skin. This product includes the exclusive High Definition Massage Tool, which is perfect for firming and toning the tissues while it helps to penetrate the active ingredients into the skin.

On the other hand, the light and silky texture of Diamond Extreme Mask acts as a second skin, sealing in the potent ingredients of the treatment to renew and protect the skin from within. Designed specifically for night-time use, its relaxing scent of lavender prepares you for rest.

This incredible sensory experience, that gives the skin a high concentration of high-tech revitalising assets, can now be enjoy at La Manga Club Spa.

After using Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment from Natura Bissé, your reaction will be "Wow!", an immediate and spontaneous response of intense satisfaction. The results will exceed even the highest expectations.

To achieve glowing skin, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. At night, and once your skin is perfectly clean and all make-up has been removed, apply just a few drops of Diamond Extreme Oil in your hands. Massage the oil gently to spread it evenly over your face and neck until complete absorbed.
  2. Then, use the exclusive High Definition Massager to massage your skin, helping to improve microcirculation. This beauty tool firms and tones the skin, while helping to speed the production of collagen, leaving the skin more receptive to the active ingredients in the product. 
  3. Once the massage is complete, applied an even layer of Diamond Extreme Mask to the face and neck, locking all the cosmetic assets into the skin and multiplying their effects. This fresh and velvety mask gives you a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellness. A perfect way to end the day. Leave the products on overnight and then rinse off with your usual morning cleansing routine.

Use Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment two or three times a week to wake up with nourished, revitalized, brighter and more beautiful skin.