New physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at the CIARD

Nuevo servicio de fisioterapia y rehabilitación en el CIARD

The High Performance Sport Centre (CIARD), formed from the partnership between La Manga Club and UCAM (University of Murcia) will offer a new physiotherapy and rehabilitation service from July. It will complement the rest of the testing available which assess general health, sporting performance, nutrition and injury prevention.

La Manga Club, 23 July 2015. The High Performance Sport Centre (CIARD), set up through the partnership between La Manga Club and UCAM (University of Murcia), has just unveiled a new physiotherapy and rehabilitation service to be offered in its modern facilities at Spa La Manga Club.

A team of physiotherapists specialised in high performance sports and who boast many years of experience in sports rehabilitation (especially in the field of regional level football) will combine the monitoring of injuries or treatments at the centre, with hydrotherapy, acupuncture, electrostimulation, etc. The objective, according to CIARD coordinator, Asunción Martínez, is “to re-educate the person so that, in addition to recovering, he or she avoids a relapse or becoming injured again”.

This new service will be launched at special prices, in addition to a 20% discount for all member athletes, as well as for long-stay guests at the La Manga Club resort. Sportspeople of different disciplines who come to the La Manga Club facilities to train, tackle typical injuries common in every discipline: knee, ligament, abductor muscle and lower back injuries which are common among footballers; back, lumbar and shoulder injuries for golfers; elbow, knee, ankle and abductor muscles are the more sensitive areas among tennis players; and triathletes tend to suffer from excessive strain in the shoulders and legs, lumbar area and plantar fasciitis.

In addition to being able to undertake any type of diagnostic testing (resonance scans, x-rays, etc.) at an associated centre, visitors can also carry out isokinetic strength tests, gait analysis, walking biomechanics, strength tests, ECG and echocardiograms, muscle assessments and nutritional assessments. It is a question of monitoring and assessing the development processes for each individual, and therefore, allowing a better recovery. In the words of Asunción Martínez, “it´s about putting a number on a sensation: for example, if an athlete says that 'it hurts a bit', I say to him or her, 'yes, but how much is 'a bit?'‘ What we do at the CIARD is measure this intensity”.

The exceptional setting in which La Manga Club and the CIARD can be found, located next to a Natural Park, two seas and a mining mountain range attracts many athletes to spend their family holidays here. Athletes can recover from their injury whilst the children enjoy themselves on the resort. The CIARD physiotherapists insist that “this form of recovery is quicker and more effective”.