New vegan menu comes to La Manga Club

La Manga Club welcomes vegans and vegetarian diners to try out our new menu, a menu which has been created to suit all of your dietary needs.

La Manga Club, 22nd August 2019 - In the summer of 2019, our top chefs here at the Amapola Restaurant have designed a new menu to suit everyone, with a unique and varied range of dishes that will tantalize all of our guest’s taste-buds.

The restaurant, located in the Principe Felipe 5* Hotel, is well known for its traditional Mediterranean cuisine and authentic gastronomic experience, where you can simultaneously enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and fine dining experience.

Here at La Manga, our top priority is to satisfy every guest who chooses to stay with us. Therefore, understanding what our guests need and finding something that suits everyone’s tastes on our menus is a top priority.

This summer, we have designed new dishes which will include the classic vegan and vegetarian ingredients, all of which are grown locally around the resorts and in the Region of Murcia. You can make sure to find something that suits you, whether it adheres to a classic dish you have tried before, or perhaps a creation that you didn’t think could possibly have been made with such simple ingredients!

The phrase ´classic, with a twist´ is perhaps the best way to sum up our modern yet unique new menu: who knew that tomatoes, tofu and cream cheese could be made into something truly special.

You can find the full menu on our Amapola restaurant page which is located on our ‘Restaurants´ search bar on the top of our website. This menu promises to provide our dietary diners with a quality eating, and memorable restaurant experience.

Enjoy your exploration!

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