Raquel Martín takes Spa La Manga Club to the next stage

Spa La Manga Club, tourism thermal, health and wellbeing

The Spa at La Manga Club is under new management. Raquel Martín is the new manager of the thermal centre, helping the resort reach important goals, such as: adding excellence to the facilities, making it a destination with its own identity, introducing oriental therapies, as well as working with new cosmetic firms.

La Manga Club, 7 February 2017. Making Spa La Manga Club a destination of excellence, within its unique sector of wellbeing tourism, is one of the main goals that Raquel Martín has proposed to achieve in her new professional position. “I want it so that when a client enters our facilities they forget everything whilst they are within this space, that they forget everything about their lives until they leave, where they can reconnect again”, explains the manager. Some of the new developments, that will soon come to the spa, is working with Oriental relaxation therapies. With regard to cosmetic firms, it will continue working with those already along with other new ones, such as with the case of Pevonia.

The characteristics which, for Raquel Martín, makes Spa La Manga Club such a well-suited place to relax in a unique environment; “the building of the Spa is separated from the rest of the hotel’s facilities. It’s like an ‘island’ within marvelous surroundings of peace and tranquility. Additionally, the facilities are enormous, with a large selection of water and treatments”, comments Martín.

Spa La Manga Club, tourism thermal, health and wellbeing

Spa La Manga Club makes up the consolidated trend of offering high quality in the health tourism sector. “Until now it has always been a luxury to go to a spa, but I consider it to be a necessity. You invest in health and well-being, and nowadays this is necessary. Furthermore, it is economically already quite accessible”, clarifies the manager of the spa. “The health sector, according to recent studies, is growing, so we are not a passing trend”, concludes Raquel Martín.

Unarguably, the new manager recognizes that La Manga Club is strongly led by sports tourism, above all golf, but Raquel Martín wants to continue attracting a public which choose La Manga Club for the excellence and quality of the thermal centre which is newly directed.

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