Road Works on the Los Belones-Atamaría route until October

Since Monday 29th May, the access route into La Manga Club (from Los Belones), certain sections of the road have been closed for improvements that are currently being undertaken. There are alternative routes that are conveniently signposted to aid users – one to access and another to leave the resort.​

La Manga Club, July 25th 2017 UPDATE: The improvements of the RM-314 road, which connects Los Belones with Atamaría (the main access route in and out of La Manga Club), have entered into new phase. Starting from tomorrow, work will begin on a new section of the old road, the route coming from El Coto up to the crossroads in between the access routes to Las Lomas Village 4* and the Príncipe Felipe 5* Hotel. Traffic will have to go alongside the old road, in which there has been a provisionally tarmacked road installed for this purpose.

Obras carretera Belones-Atamaría


- Entrance Route to La Manga Club: To access the entrance from the Los Belones roundabout (from the exit of the motorway), a lane has been introduced to permit the movement of traffic whilst the works are continuing, it is on the old tarmacked road and is designated solely for traffic entering into the resort. At the crossroads near the Canela Restaurant, a recently tarmacked section has already been completed. Please take care in this area, there is a stop sign and you must give way to the vehicles that are leaving the resort and that are wanting to merge onto the road, towards the direction of El Sabinar. When passing this stretch of the road, you’ll need to take extreme caution because the works will start from this point onwards. The traffic will have to use the lane installed on the margin of the old road. It will be conveniently signposted but please take into account that traffic will circulate from both directions. For this reason, it’s recommended that you reduce your speed and take extreme precaution.

- Exit Route from La Manga Club: the new section of the roadworks will be happening from both directions, you’ll need to join the service road that leads to El Coto Ana en el Sabinar, in which you’ll finally end up joining the motorway. Once again, it’s recommended to drive at a moderate speed, at around 20Km/h, due to the large number of vehicles that will be using the route during certain periods of the day and as the temporary roads are narrow.

The roadworks in question, will mean a great improvement from a road safety perspective of the drivers as well as for the many cyclists and pedestrians that make daily use of this road. The RM-314 is currently a very narrow road, with a width between 6 to 7 metres from kilometre 0 to kilometre 2.6 of the road and a 4-metre width from this point up until to the end of the road, at 4.1 kilometres. Consequently, this road does not have the capacity required to accommodate increasing amount of residential traffic that has grown in the past few years, nor the necessary access to cater the new urban developments that have been implemented on either side of this road.

2.4 million euros have been invested in the project and its main objective is to increase the surface of the road to around 11 meters, so that the road has a surface solely for passing traffic, with 2 lanes of 3.5 meters (one each direction), as well as two hard shoulders of 1 meter in width and a bike lane of 2 meters. The road, on average, is used by 4,200 vehicles daily and has over 1.5 million journeys every year. In this phase of the road works, traffic will be affected when trying to both enter and leave the complex. The access routes in and out of the La Manga Club have been guaranteed through alternatively installed routes, specifically implemented for this purpose. The diversions will be conveniently signposted, similarly to what has been done on other occasions, to ensure as few issues as possible for those who visit our resort.