Russia prevails at the European Powerlifting Championship at La Manga Club

La Manga Club welcomes the European Powerlifting Championship for the second year running

More than 200 European athletes competed in the European Powerlifting Championship, more specifically in the Bench Press category at La Manga Club from the 11th to 15th of October. The European Federation for this sport organized the tournament with the collaboration of the exclusive resort and La Unión City Council.

La Manga Club, 6th of October, 2017.-  This time at the European Powerlifting Championship in the Bench Press category, Russia triumphed in both the male and female categories after combining results from all different classes that were determined by the weight of participants. 

Within the male category, the Russian team's total amounted to 51 points, one more than that of Ukraine, who ranked second; and 12 more than Poland who occupied third place. Next came Norway with 36, Sweden with 29, Czech Republic with 24, Estonia with 13, Finland with 12, Denmark with 9, Latvia with 8, Germany with 6, Slovakia and Great Britain with 5 and Romania with 4.

In the female category, Russia dominated convincingly having totalled 56 points, ahead of Germany who achieved 32, and Finland with 21. Further down the rankings were Norway and Ukraine on 16, Great Britain with 13, Iceland and the Netherlands with 12, Denmark with 9, Switzerland and Hungary with 8, and Austria with 6.

For the second time in its history La Manga Club has accommodated athletes from this event. Powerlifting, a sport similar to that of weightlifting, consists of the movement of weights via specific movements. La Manga Club has contributed to the successful hosting of the event in 2015 and now also in 2017, in which competitors from various categories (including Masters, Juniors, Male and Female) went head to head respectively. 

The championship was organized by the European Powerlifting Federation in collaboration with La Manga Club and La Unión City Council. More than 200 athletes (both Masters and Juniors) from a range of European countries participated in the event and attempted to steal the show and bring home first place at the sporting pavilion in Portmán.

La Manga Club welcomes the European Powerlifting Championship for the second year running

Powerlifting is a sport that tests strength via three specific movements: squat, deadlift and bench press. The first competitions of this kind took place at the beginning of the 1960´s and both men and women can both compete. In 1972 the sport’s first federation was founded, the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). Unlike the sport of weightlifting, in which the recognized movements involve moving the weight from the floor to above the competitor’s head, powerlifting movements require a more restricted range of trajectory, while both sports require a tremendous amount of strength and technique. Powerlifting is in the process of becoming an Olympic sport and despite it being less known in Spain, has attracted much attention recently.

In its continued commitment to sport, La Manga Club signed an agreement with the EPF (European Powerlifting Federation) and IPF (European Powerlifting Federation) in May of 2017, in which it was established as a training base for these two federations until 2018 and their members will be able to utilize the facilities at the resort, such as the High Performance Centre (HPC) and Spa for further powerlifting events.