Skinrölla, the new facial treatment in the Wellness Centre that will rejuvenate your skin and eliminate blemishes

Demonstration of the new treatment in the Wellness Centre La Manga Club

La Manga Club hosted a live demonstration in the Wellness Centre explaining how the new treatment Skinrölla works. A revolutionary system that will rejuvenate your facial skin and get rid of blemishes utilising the structure of your very own collagen.

La Manga Club, 6th of February 2018. – The Wellness Centre in La Manga Club has recently incorporated yet another treatment in the spa – the Skinrölla. It is a type of NON-ABRASIVE Collagen Induction Therapy. In non-abrasive therapies the objective is to rejuvenate, reduce the formation of spots, dilated pores and stretch marks; however, without the need to eliminate the epidermis.

Skinrölla is a roll-on made up of 192 titanium microneedles which produce thousands of microtraumas in the chosen tissue area of the skin. In each and every microtrauma the process of healing occurs (in the same way that any injury cures itself) resulting in the formation of new collagen and elastin, which are located in the outer layer of the skin. A thicker layer of epidermis is obtained thanks to the increase in cellular renovation. These microtraumas cure themselves following these 3 essential stages:

1. Inflammation: the blood vessel shrinks, limiting the flow of blood

2. Proliferation: the tissue is deprived of oxygen and the fibroblasts react by producing natural growth factors

3. Maturation: type 3 collagen is the main protein made when the skin suffers an injury and in the coming months type 3 collagen will be progressively substituted by type 1 collagen, which is what gives our skin the most resistance


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Does not cause harm
  • Can be used on skin treated with chemical peelings and lasers
  • Improves molecule absorption   
  • Does not cause side-effects

Tania, one of the therapists of the Wellness Centre, helps us to relax in this demonstration of a Skinrölla treatment session in this video.



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