Sportsman, Andrés Lledó, prepares for the Jungle Marathon at La Manga Club

Considered the most perilous test in the world, the Jungle Marathon will take place from 2nd to 11th October in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in extreme conditions. Lledó is the only Spaniard to take part.

La Manga Club, 22 July 2015. The sportsman from Cartagena and ambassador of La Manga ClubAndrés Lledó, has chosen the resort´s facilities to carry out a small simulation of the conditions he will encounter in the next challenge he faces: the Jungle Marathon. This test, considered the most dangerous in the world of its category, will be held from 2nd to 11th October in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Climatic conditions include close to 100% humidity and over 40 ºC alongside other 'dangers' such as jaguars, indigenous tribes, the load that every athlete will carry on their back and food intake which will take the form of dried food.

Lledó mentioned, for example, that one of the 'dangers' of this test will be dehydration, therefore, he will need to try to maintain as much liquid as possible inside his body by swallowing salt tablets.

In order to simulate the atmosphere he will encounter in the jungle, the sportsman undertook a test on the treadmill which was set up in the Jacuzzi area of the La Manga Club Spa, where the levels of humidity are very high. He completed a similar simulation last year whilst training for a challenge in Antarctica: he trained inside of a refrigerated container with temperatures at minus 25 º. Before the treadmill, Lledó undertook an isokinetic test in theCIARD (High Performance Sport Centre) at La Manga Club to check the strength in his right knee. Once he had finished running on the treadmill he took the same test again to see how the humidity had affected his performance.

El deportista Andrés Lledó se prepara en La Manga Club para la Jungle Marathon

Meanwhile, Lledó is preparing himself for the Jungle Marathon just as he did for previous tests: long distance training with the added difficulty of a weight of roughly 9km on his back. What’s more, the Jungle Marathon is a race consisting of 254 kilometres in 6 stages over 7 days and participants are expected to be self-sufficient, taking charge of their own health and safety. 100 runners are set to participate from all over the world. At this time, Andrés Lledó is the only Spaniard to take part in the race.

Although Andrés Lledó has previously taken part in eight tests of a similar nature (self-sufficiency), this is the first time he will be competing in the jungle. The Jungle Marathon will be the third test noted on his calendar, after he took part in a race in Australia (527 km) in May and he has another at the end of August which will take him to the Alps for a 260 km event, during which he will run through parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.