Start the year at La Manga Club by following the 'ancient way to beauty' with Kobido massage

Masaje Kobido en Murcia - La Manga Club

La Manga Club introduces this revolutionary Japanese technique for achieving a rejuvenating “lifting effect” using the non-invasive movements of facial massage. Kobido massage is one of the treatments offered by the Wellness Centre at La Manga Club, a 2,000m2 space equipped with jacuzzis, pools and treatment booths, plus other features that make this complex in Cartagena (Murcia), close to the Calblanque Nature Reserve and the Mediterranean Sea, the ideal destination for reaching the pinnacle of wellbeing.

La Manga Club, 5th of February, 2019. Legend has it that Samurais gave themselves facial massages to calm their minds after hard-fought battles and to  boost their inner strength. An empress noticed that this treatment brightened up the skin and also relieved headaches. The sovereign took this idea to the Imperial household and from then onwards it became fashionable among royalty, going on to become one of the favourite treatments for Japanese empresses. This is thought to be the origin of Kobido massage, otherwise known as the “ancient way to beauty”, a facial massage originally from Japan that La Manga Club (Cartagena, Murcia) is offering clients in its Wellness Centre to achieve a non-invasive and rejuvenating lifting effectfacial massage.

Masaje Kobido en Murcia - La Manga Club

It consists of a toning face and neck massage that exercises all areas of the face using fast and slow movements to reactivate blood circulation, destroy dead skin cells and favour elastin and collagen production. These movements help to smooth out wrinkles, as they work not only the skin surface but also the inner muscles, as well as activating nerves.

As the new year begins and we return to our everyday routine, our fast-paced lifestyle and stress starts all over again. Sometimes, our busy lives take over and dont leave us enough time to look after ourselves and the people around us. Kobido massage allows us to reach the highest level of wellbeing and restore inner harmony, because apart from giving a firmer skin, it applies pressure to the same points as acupuncture and helps combat stress, soothe migraines and common headaches, prevent facial rigidity, improve circulation, reduce some digestive system problems such as constipation, reduces the effects of teeth grinding and improves sight by stimulating the area around the eyes.

Kobido massage is one of the beauty treatments available at La Manga Club Wellness Centre. The price is €80 per session and to get the best results, the Centre has designed a voucher for 5 sessions at the price of €300.