A VIP passenger at the new Región de Murcia international airport

Strachan Football Foundation en La Manga Club

Gordon Strachan, one of La Manga Club’s most distinguished ambassadors, was one of the first passengers to land at the new Región de Murcia international airport on Tuesday 15 January.

La Manga Club, 21st January, 2019.- The flight from Birmingham, with an expected arrival time of 5.25pm, landed 15 minutes early and Gordon and Lesley Strachan gave us their first impressions.

It was a comfortable flight, the plane wasn’t completely full and everyone at the airport was clearly very efficient, including the passport checks, the people at the information desks and at the airport access points.

To get to the resort we hired a car and we didn’t know the car rental place was in an area where you had to go by minibus, but that was no problem. All the services were operating at 100%.

We have been coming to La Manga Club for more than 30 years, always flying through San Javier military airport, and we can still remember when it seemed that only one person was in charge of the little airport. I remember we used to buy big Lladró figures and we didn’t have any problems with check-in, they used to let us take it on the plane with no problems at all.

This time, we’ve come to La Manga Club with a team of close to 10 people as my foundation, the “Strachan Football  Foundation”, is collaborating with producing content for Football DNA, where football professionals share training football techniques, sessions and  tools with all their subscribers. What better place could there be to film outdoors at 20ºC in February? It’s incredible, the boys have been training in short sleeves.

The “Strachan Football Foundation” runs a programme for kids aged from 16 to 19 that combines academic education with football training. Since the Foundation was set up in 2011, we’ve managed to get 280 people into full-time employment, 30 of whom have chosen to apply to 30 American universities, 6 have got jobs as coaches and 6 are working as full-time professional footballers.

Strachan Football Foundation en La Manga Club