Vítor Faverani recovers from his injury in La Manga Club

The Brazilian basketball player is recovering from a knee injury at the High Performance Centre in La Manga Club while he decides whether or not to returns to the NBA or sign for a European team.

La Manga Club, 10th March 2015. “He is recovering at a pace a little bit slower than was hoped, but he is moving in the right direction”. Faverani’s physiotherapist, Rogelio Diz, told us that the Brazilian pivot is in the process of readapting to be able to start full training, but “he is not ready to play a full game yet”. The Brazilian pivot, Vítor Faverani (Porto Alegro, 1988) came up through the ranks at Unicaja Malaga and then went through UCAM Murcia and Valencia Básket, before ending up at the Boston Celtics in the NBA. After injuring his left knee, it was operated on successfully in Murcia last October, after which, a 12 weeks recovery period began.

To monitor the musculature of his knee, they visited the facilities at the CIARD (High Performance Research Centre) at La Manga Club, a centre created with the sports medicine specialists at the UCAM. "Basically we work with the isokinetic machine," explains physiotherapist Faverani. "We worked with both legs, to check the weight, angles, how it works, and then go to the pool to continue rehabilitation in the water."

According to the coordinator of CIARD, Asunción Martínez, "we have examined the quadriceps and hamstrings in the isokinetic machine. It measures the force generated by both muscle groups." This measurement is important, because it allows us to measure the imbalance between the two legs, also the relationship between agonist-antagonist and ratio. Martinez explained that this aspect is taken into account to avoid injuries to hamstring muscle because of low ratio.”

It is not the first time that Faverani has been to the CIARD facilities. In January a first measurement of the force that he was able to generate with his muscles was performed, and a month later he returns to measure the difference between both legs, which is usually around 10%. According to the coordinator of CIARD, decomposition recorded is 12-15% on his left leg, next to the normal values, which is a great improvement over the 25% recorded in early January.

In addition to the testing in the sports evaluation centre (CIARD), Faverani’s physiotherapist took the Celtics pivot to Cabo de Palos to continue his rehabilitation in the open sea. "The stunning environment in La Manga Club offers untold possibilities to rehabilitate all types of athletes" says Rogelio Diz, "Who would have thought that in February one can play sports in short sleeves or swim in the open sea with just a lightweight neoprene? Only in this privileged area is it possible. It’s something that athletes from around the world are already making the most of when they choose La Manga Club".