The Wellness Centre at La Manga Club introduces new cosmetic medicine techniques

La Manga Club’s renovated Wellness Centre, which encompasses the spa, gym and High Performance Centre (HPC), has just had its expertise of aesthetic medicine strengthened with the collaboration of the prestigious doctor Félix Díaz Caparrós as well as the expansion of body and facial beauty equipment LPG and addition of a hyperbaric oxygen machine. It is the only spa in the region to offer non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox, 8-point lifting, hyaluronic acid and a nails bar for pedicures and manicures while enjoying a cold glass of cava.

La Manga Club, 18th of September, 2017.- “At the Wellness Centre we explore beyond the concepts of health and beauty; we offer the possibility of truly getting to know one’s self, eliminating stress, disconnecting from the world and improving one’s physical and emotional wellbeing”. These words from Raquel Martín, director of La Manga Club’s Wellness Centre, epitomize the new concept from which different areas of expertise are developed and unified in regards to the Spa’s treatments.

The distinguished doctor Félix Díaz Caparrós, otolaryngologist and specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery, has joined the professional team at the Wellness Centre, where he will be available two days per week. Caparrós, as a cosmetic medical forerunner at a national level, will carry out non-invasive cosmetic treatments (those which do not require surgery) such as, for example treatments with Botox (that involves infiltrating the skin with a liquid enriched with purified natural protein, usually to eliminate facial wrinkles; or the so-called ‘8-point lifting’ with hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates the skin and increases the volume of specific areas of the body.

The therapists and beauty technicians at the Wellness Centre, recently trained in oriental therapies and their various new treatments, also make use of cosmetics from Medik8 and Natura Bissé, as well as an extensive range of state of the art machinery. Among others, the LPG stands out: French technology that gently stimulates the body and facial skin to reactivate the dormant cellular activity, acting in a natural and painless way, to offer visible and immediate results without side effects; also, a hyperbaric oxygen machine that applies 98% oxygen under a given pressure; as well as Skinrölla, with which a treatment is performed that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, vital for healthy and toned skin. This is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that delivers results with minimal invasion of the skin and a short recovery time.


Among all the of the treatments offered and available massages, “the most important thing is that the client is advised by our beauty technicians and therapists, who will analyze their skin, take into account certain necessities and consequently recommend the best treatment to achieve their desired personal goals”, explains Raquel Martín, director of La Manga Club’s Wellness Centre.

The Spa at the Wellness Centre is the only one in all of the region to offer cosmetic medicine treatments, which are incorporated into the wide range of massages and oriental treatments. A further novelty is the creation of our ‘Nails Bar’ – where the client can receive a manicure or pedicure whilst seated in a massage chair, feet immersed in a hydro-massage pool and spare hand holding a cold glass of cava all simultaneously. 

In the opinion of the CEO and General Director of the resort, José Asenjo, “we have defined this new strategy at our Centre with the objective of combining the Spa’s facilities with our Hotel’s infamous customer service to take our Wellness Centre onto its newest stage. The principle aim is being able to continue improving the health and beauty tourism sector that is being complemented by sport at La Manga Club and thus already making a difference. This is something that our guests and clients value and appreciate very positively”.

HPC, Gym and Hair Salon

La Manga Club’s Wellness Centre possesses, as well as the spa, a High Performance Centre (HPC) and a gym. Both facilities complement services of development, prevention and adaptation for as much an amateur sportsperson as a professional.  Moreover, at the Wellness Centre you will find a semi-olympic indoor swimming pool of 25 metres in length, with six lanes adapted for laps or free swimming, illuminated by the large windows that offer unrivalled views of the resort, while lifeguards and instructors monitor your well-being both in and out of the water.

This year Divenire has been incorporated by the team of professionals at the Wellness Centre. The style, by Raúl Nieto – owner of the avant-garde unisex hairdressing centre that brings an urban style in Cartagena – is a pioneer of its kind within the sector of creative hairdressing.

For Raquel Martín, “both centres complement each other not only in their facilities but also as a tool to obtain the desired results according to our focus: performance, prevention, adaptation… our professionals with degrees in Physical Activity Sciences contribute to the integral development of a person via both physical and aesthetic improvements”.