The third FC Barcelona football camp starts at La Manga Club

In the third edition of the FC Barcelona Camp, 135 boys and girls will take part in the camp and subsequently divided into 12 teams. In addition to training sessions, they will also able to enjoy other activities such as visits to the pool and viewings of sports videos.

Golf at La Manga Club: professional tips on how to play the South Course: Hole 7

Golf: how to play hole 7 of the South Course at La Manga Club

The 'hole by hole' guide to La Manga Club. A new series of blogs with professional advice on how to play all 18 holes on all three courses: The South, North and the West.  We continue with hole 7 on the South Course, our international championship course.

A good start to this summer’s preseason football preparations at La Manga Club

The English teams of Sheffield United FC and Bristol City FC, in addition to the national team of the United Arab Emirates, are the most notable teams that will come to La Manga Club this summer. Additionally, UCAM Murcia CF and the second team of Granada are also visiting.

The Cante de las Minas Foundation and La Manga Club reestablish their partnership agreement in support of Flamenco

Firma del acuerdo entre La Manga Club y el Festival Internacional Cante de las Minas

Both institutions have created a collaboration agreement that will allow the celebration of other events and activities throughout the rest of the year

Sports for all tastes and ages: take part in and enjoy La Manga Club’s Junior Academies

Children and youths of all ages can now enjoy an extensive selection of sports academies in La Manga Club: golf, tennis, football, rugby, dance, cricket, triathlon… Pick the sport that you most like and you can take part in it this summer

Do you want to take part in our FC Barcelona Camp? We are giving you the opportunity to win a place this summer!

If your child is between 6 and 17 years old and loves football, you don’t want to miss the Barça Camp. From 25th until 29th July, the participants will have the opportunity of learning the tactical and technical elements that are embedded in the footballing culture at FC Barcelona.

Outdoor fitness activities and the new Wellness Corner: La Manga Club will look after you this summer

Summer is not an excuse not to look after yourself. In La Manga Club, you can do outdoor fitness activities and look after yourself both inside and outside of our new Wellness Corner.

The High Performance Centre incorporates a new altitude training service

This new iAltitude training service, based on the intermittent hypoxia, it is now available to everyone at the HPC at La Manga Club

La Manga Club openly supports Yeovil Hospital with holiday partnership

La Manga Club, the renowned health and well-being destination, has announced the launch of an exciting new partnership with Yeovil Hospital, located in South-West England. 

La Manga Club hosts the largest youth golf tournament in Spain

Campeonato de España Infantil, Benjamin y Alevín

El Campeonato de España Infantil, Alevín and Benjamín Reale, will take place between 27th and 29th June using the golf course here at La Manga. The most promising golfers in Spain will compete in six categories (youths, Alevín and Benjamín, and then further divided into Males and Females) on the three 18-holed golf courses that La Manga has: The South, the North and the West.