The Councillor of Public Works and Transport opens the access road to La Manga Club following an investment of 2.4 million euros

The Los Belones - Atamaría road, which provides access to La Manga Club, has just been formally opened by the Councillor for the Presidency and Public Works for the Murcia region, Pedro Rivera, along with the Councillor for Public Participation and Good Governance for Cartagena, Juan Pedro Torralba, the President of COEC (the Regional Confederation of Businesses), Pedro Pablo Hérnandez, and the Director of Operations at La Manga Club, Javier Armas. The works to improve and widen the road began in April 2016, and following an investment of 2.4 million Euros, it was envisaged that it would improve the traffic flow on over 1.5 million journeys per year.

La Manga Club, 26th of December, 2017.- The works to widen and improve the RM-314 road, which links Los Belones with Atamaría, and provides access to La Manga Club, have just been completed with an opening ceremony attended by the Councillor for the Presidency and Public Works, Pedro Rivera, along with representatives of the Cartagena City Council, COEC (the Regional Confederation of Businesses) and executives of La Manga Club. The works, which began in April 2016, have entailed a 2.4-million-Euro investment by the Autonomous Community, which will provide “an improvement in communications in the area of Los Belones and Portmán, and the surrounding urban developments, including La Manga Club, which has around 4,000 residents”, according to the Head of Public Works, Pedro Rivera.

The work has been carried out over a 4-kilometre stretch to widen the carriageway, making it between 4 and 7 metres wide (on some stretches it will be up to 11 metres wide), which will allow two lanes, each 3.5 metres wide, and one-metre-wide hard shoulders. In addition, a two-metre cycle lane is expected to assist cyclists to travel safely in the direction of Portmán. According to Javier Armas, La Manga Club’s Operations Manager, “the works have made the road so much safer, for both motor vehicles and cyclists, and have improved traffic flow and signage to the resort”.

In addition to the improvements to the road itself, two new roundabouts have been built: the first is located parallel with the communities of Coto del Golf and Reserva del Coto (at the entrance to the complex), while the second is situated at the crossroads leading to Las Lomas Village 4* and the Wellness Centre (to the right), to Portman (straight on) and to the Hotel Príncipe Felipe 5* (to the left). For Councillor Juan Pedro Torralba, “a tourist clientele as important as the one which visits La Manga Club demanded a suitable access route”. Street lights have also been installed (four at each corner of both roundabouts) which will not only illuminate the signage mounted on them, but will also make driving in the dark safer. Lastly, flags and garden features have also been added.


A safer road for everyone

The road works have resulted in a great improvement from the point of view of road safety, improving traffic flow, and increasing safety and convenience for the journeys that are undertaken on this road (over 1.5 million per year in total, with around 4,200 vehicles passing over it every day), while drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike can enjoy the breathtaking views of La Manga Club’s north and South courses.

“This work marks a milestone in the improvement of infrastructure around La Manga Club,” commented José Asenjo, Managing Director of the complex, “and we are proud to be part of the most important investment undertaken by the Autonomous Community in the regional road network”.