La Manga Club implements a ‘Customer Experience’ programme that will revolutionise the relationship between guests and employees

A Committee of Experts, composed of employees from all of the departments, will ensure the sustainable development of this programme, which will be gradually implemented over a period of two years. The programme puts the guests and employees of La Manga Club at the core of its priorities and develops plans to improve on any customer reaction with the resort, so that their experience will always be memorable. Amongst the businesses that already implement similar innovative programmes are Apple, Allianz, Amazon, Hyatt, Hilton, Walt Disney Company and the US Air Force.

La Manga Club, July 20th 2017 - Customer Experience, abbreviated to ‘CX’, refers to the perception that the client has after interacting (formally, physically or emotionally) with the business. This perception influences the consumer’s behaviour and creates positive memories that improve brand loyalty.

This concept, at the centre of cutting edge developments and innovation in the international business world, should develop a strategy that goes beyond customer satisfaction and the quality of service: “it’s a complete cultural change that starts from upper-level management and finishes with our employees and guests, and whose effectiveness consists of preparing, organising, executing, and afterwards measuring its effects”, stated José Asenjo, CEO of La Manga Club. Staff training and the focus on personalised treatment of the customer will be the key features of this process. 

Customer Experience at La Manga Club

The implementation of the programme will take place over a period of two years. A Committee of Experts has been established, with the entire organisation being represented, as employees from every department and from all levels in the company hierarchy being able to provide input, and shall meet approximately every 20 days. The work of the Committee starts by identifying every ‘moment of truth’ (any form of interaction from the guests with La Manga Club) and afterwards there is a discussion on how to transform these interactions into what the resort calls ‘memorable moments’ or ‘wow moments’.

The main mission of the CX programme is to develop and boost customer service as a competitive advantage and differentiating value against other organisations and professionals. At the core of this plan is the generation known as ‘Millennials’ (born between 1980 and 2000), since they will be the future clients of La Manga Club, and to meet the features that characterise typical CX programmes (above all individualisation – each guest is different and has different needs/demands). A recent study confirmed that the ‘Millennials’ will be responsible for 40% of the purchases of luxury products and services on an international scale. It is also important to take into account that the technologies that further help these objectives to be reached and is based on omnichannels, artificial intelligence and big data.

This Customer Experience programme, in which the implementation process has already started, “is the most important strategic programme at La Manga Club”, in the words of the resort's CEO, José Asenjo.  

As part of the implementation strategy of this programme, La Manga Club has created a logo that conveys the message that La Manga Club is pushing for improved Customer Experiences in all areas of the resort.