The national final of the World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC) is taking place at La Manga Club

Final of the WAGC at La Manga Club

On the 16th of September five amateur golfers will leave La Manga Club having achieved greatness in the final of the WAGC, the World Amateur Golfers Tournament. They will feel fortunate to know that they will have the opportunity to represent Spain in the World Final that takes place in Johor Bahru (Malaysia).​

La Manga Club, 11th of September 2018. – For the third consecutive year La Manga Club will be hosting the national final of the WAGC. 25 regional events allow us to recognize the names of the golfers who will play in the national final, which could ultimately give them a pass to the world final in Malaysia.

The World Amateur Golfers Championship is a spectacle that is made up of 25 courses across all of Spain, and is judged according to 5 categories. Of all the participants, only the best, within each category per tournament, will attend the national final – where the five best (one per category) will then advance. All of the best will, without a doubt, be looking towards the world final in October in Malaysia.

The Championship´s five categories are established via handicap:
1stcategory -------------------- 0   ------------------------ 5,4
2ndcategory -------------------- 5.5 ---------------------- 0.4
3rdcategory -------------------- 10.5 --------------------  15.4
4thcategory -------------------- 15.5 --------------------- 20.4
5thcategory -------------------- 20.5 --------------------- 25.4

The final at La Manga Club will be played on 36 holes in the Northern and Southern Courses, on the 14th, 15th and 16th of September.