The first women’s football teams arrive at La Manga Club

Women's football at La Manga Club

After the first few busy weeks of January in which we’ve seen the arrival of around fifteen professional football clubs at La Manga Club’s facilities, it’s now the turn of the women’s teams to grace the pitch here in south-eastern Spain. The Norwegian, Dutch, Scottish, English and Icelandic national women’s teams will be staying at La Manga Club over the next ten days.​

La Manga Club, 15th of January, 2018.- La Manga Club’s Football Centre continues the new year with the arrival of various new football teams that will be training on its facilities over the coming days. After successful visits from such teams as VFB Stuttgart, the German national U16, U17 and Austrian U17 squads, The German professionals Würzbuger Kickers and Holstein Kiel FC and finally, the Belgian club RSC Anderlecht, it is now the turn of the women’s national teams.

As such, from today, the Norwegian, Dutch, Scottish, English and Icelandic national women’s teams shall be arriving at La Manga Club to make the most of the winter football break. Also, over the next ten days, we’ll see various preorganized friendly games between these groups, as well as against other European women’s professional clubs.

Los equipos de fútbol en La Manga Club

The winter break at the Football Centre of La Manga Club welcomes international teams from over 25 countries, many competing in the Champions League and other top European leagues. Over a three-month period, one will be able to see around 150 games and more than 4000 professional players training on La Manga Club’s facilities. You can find all of the teams that are staying at La Manga Club here, alongside the full list of games that will take place, with pitch and timing details. Finally, don’t forget to stay updated via the events section of our Facebook page.