The Englishman Billy McKenzie becomes the winner of the golf Copa S.M. El Rey at La Manga Club

Billy McKenzie, winner of the golf Copa S.M. El Rey

The Englishman, ranked 250th in the world, constrained his compatriot Alex Fitzpatrick in the final. Billy McKenzie will have the honour of competing in the Spanish Open (European Tour) which will be celebrated in the National Golf Centre (12th-15th of April).

La Manga Club, 5th of March 2018 -. The Englishman is the next Briton to pick up the baton after the Welsh Jack Davidson, winner of the previous edition, and becomes the seventh British winner of the Spanish International Amateur Masculine tournament of ‘Copa S.M. El Rey’ within the last fifteen years. Billy’s trajectory in this championship has been an interesting one, since he was the last to qualify in the stroke round (position 32) and was eliminating a few of the leading contenders from the game whose rankings were, up until now,  based on a priori.

With regard to the Spaniards, a total of seven players made it past the qualifying stage: Ángel Hidalgo (2nd), Alejandro Aguilera (3rd), Eduard Rousaud (11th), Adrián Mata (15th), Xabier Gorospe (15th), Jon López-Lanchares (15th) and Eugenio López-Chacarra (26th). The last one, Eugenio López-Chacarra, was the best Spanish player reaching the semifinals of a championship where one of the greatest protagonists was the wind.

Read some of the reports of the golf Copa S.M. El Rey 2018 celebrated at La Manga Club:

Summary of La Copa del Rey 2018 at La Manga Club

Second day, Thursday 1st of March                                            

Round of 32, Thursday 1st of March

Round of 16, Friday 2nd March

Quarter-finals, Saturday 3rd of March

Copa del Rey Final, Sunday 4th of March

Photo album of la Copa S.M. El Rey 2018 at La Manga Club

La Copa del Rey will open a season full of golfing events at La Manga Club, like the fifth edition of the traditional International Pro-Am of the PGA of Europe (from the 30th of April to the 4th of May); the IAGTO Trophy (from the 21st to the 24th of May) and the twenty-second edition of the Footballer’s Golf Classic, in the month of June.