La Manga Club unites the best women’s U20 and U23 football teams

Women’s U19 and U23 football teams La Manga Club

The women’s U20 and U23 football teams from countries like Italy, France, England and The Netherlands, among others, have selected La Manga Club to kick off their preseason training. Following the presence of the best European female teams during the months of January and February, it is now the reserve team’s turn to use the facilities of the exclusive resort, which will form part of their preparation, in the coming weeks.​

La Manga Club, 3rd of April 2018 -. The Football Centre of La Manga Club continues to focus on the elites of European football. After receiving visits from teams like VfB Stuttgart or the women’s teams from Norway, Scotland, England, Iceland and the current champions of Europe, The Netherlands, since the start of the year it is now time to host the European football women’s reserve teams. Over the next few weeks, the leading U19 and U23 female teams will disembark at La Manga Club to commence their preparation for the season.

At the end of the month of February and during the first few days of March, the following U19 squads were in the resort: United States, England, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Czech Republic and Scotland. Meanwhile, during the month of April, we expect to welcome the women’s U20 and U23 from the United States, England, Norway, Italy, Sweden and France. They will use La Manga Club’s facilities for their winter preseason, which will include friendly matches in addition to training. The Director of Sports of La Manga Club, Chad Harpur, has explained that “these teams have chosen us once again and this shows that we’re a role model to European football, as much to men’s as it is to women’s, for the quality of the facilities and for the service we offer to professional sportsmen”.

During the winter season in La Manga Club more than 4,000 professional players will train at the resort during their winter pre-match meeting and it is possible to see more than 150 matches. You can consult the team list of those who are coming to train at La Manga Club during the winter of 2018 and the football matches that will be played on our grounds in the coming months. You can also find the information in our Events section on our Facebook page. 


These are the matches that will be played next week:

Matches 5th of April

12:00    France Women U23 vs. Italy Women U23 (pitch A)

14.00    England Women U20 vs. China Women U20 (pitch A)

16:00    Sweden Women U23 vs. USA Women U23 (pitch A)


Matches 7th of April

12:00    USA Women U23 vs. England Women U20 (pitch A)

14:00    France Women U23 vs. Sweden Women U23 (pitch A)

16:00    Norway Women U23 vs. Italy Women U23 (pitch A) 


Matches 9th of April

12:00    China Women U20 vs. Sweden Women U23 (pitch G)   

14:00    Italy Women U23 vs. USA Women U23 (pitch A)    

16:00    England Women U20 vs. Norway Women U20 (pitch G)     

18:00    Norway Women U23 vs. France Women U23  (pitch A)