La Manga Club incorporates a GPS system into its fleet of buggies

La Manga Club has recently incorporated a GPS system into its fleet of buggies with the aim of improving the all-round golfing experience and efficiency of the game. It is complete with an aerial view of each hole, distances to the green and obstacles, touch screen and cameras that detect violations along with much more.

La Manga Club, 29th March 2016 – La Manga Club´s fleet of buggies have been modernised with the incorporation of Sentinel, a navigation system GPS that considerably improves the golfing experience. Some of the most important characteristics of this system are: touch screen with information about the course, aerial view of each hole, distances to the green and obstacles, water resistance, internal power supply, cameras that take photographs when the users carries out a prohibited action, reports of each round etc.

GPS in Buggies

The 7-inch screen, is the ideal size to offer perfect visibility without proving being a hindrance to the golfer when they enter or leave the buggy. Additionally, as stated by the Director of Golf, Eduardo Ruiz, “the more you use the system the better it is, it can adapt to show the marked distance to wherever on the course the golfer touches on the screen”. At the moment it has been installed on 55 buggies, but there are plans for it soon to be incorporated into a total of 120 buggies.

“It´s designed to gain time” explains Eduardo Ruiz, “it gives alerts so that the golfer realises that they are spending too much time on a particular round”. Golf modernisation at La Manga Club continues, after the recent incorporation of 37 new buggies with internal battery and the capacity to play 3 rounds, as well as the plan to improve access to each hole, stairs, landscaping and the maintenance of the courses.